A Journey of
Delicate Greek Tastes & Flavours in the Heart of Marylebone
A welcoming place where all of the beautiful people meet up and enjoy

Already a favourite place among all of the beautiful people in London and beyond, FyOME, which means sprout from the earth and from roots, offers the most delicious real food in the heart of Marylebone.
In a vibrant, yet relaxed setting, you can enjoy freshly baked croissants and traditional phyllo pies – we are famous for our spinach and feta cheese pie – or scrambled eggs on avocado toast, while lunch will leave you satisfied with our moussaka, lamb shank, and soups. But that is not all!
Check out our menus and join us to the sound of Dean Martin, Édith Piaf or Gino Paoli to enjoy a glass of wine with our amazing Mediterranean tapas or a glass of prosecco with our delicious desserts, all freshly baked at FyOME.

The FyOME Experience

Do you know why you should join those who come to FyOME again and again? It is this marvelous experience that they have. A warm welcome when they enter, a most polite staff, real healthy food, and a fantastic array of Greek wines. The FyOME experience is enhanced by an awarded contemporary environment reminiscent of the 60s glamour of Greece and old Hollywood.


An Enhanced
Quality of Life

Coffee? Yes! Matcha?
Sure! What else?

“Coffee is a people business” says Dimello, our coffee provider. We take this one step further and have added Matcha drinks, various teas, fancy Red Velvet Lattes (with or without coffee) or Pistachio Matcha Latte. Ask to be seated so you can enjoy your drink with a dessert inspired by Greece and the Mediterranean. Or check out what we have inside and order it as take away along with your coffee or fancy latte!

Your business
is our business…

But only to offer the perfect space where you can discuss important matters with privacy and confidentiality. Your business meeting can take place over brunch, lunch or a glass of wine with Mediterranean tapas. Business success happens if you feel relaxed, respected and empowered. Our setting ensures that you enjoy successful business meetings. This is part of the FyOME Experience!

Mimosa for breakfast
and brunch?

What better way to start your day than in style and with an energy boost. Order your mimosa with one of the healthy and filling options we offer for brunch. Did you pop in for a quick breakfast? Grab your porridge and coffee and you are set till lunchtime!

Real food creates
real connections

Since our roots are Mediterranean, we know the importance of connecting over food. This is our food philosophy: healthy and real food that will make you want to come back for more. More delicious tastes, more connections and more wine tasting. We have designed menus paired with amazing Greek wines. It is a whole journey that we invite you to follow along with us.

Experience our fine dining in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.