FyOME IPA(key): /ˈ

Τo be born from, to spring into existence, to grow from your roots. One could write so many stories about birth and growth. This story is a story of welcome, warmth, luxury, relaxation, satisfaction and enjoyment. It is the story of food, coffee, wine, sophisticated drinks. It is the story of caring, privacy, confidentiality, respect.

Already a favourite place among all of the beautiful people in London and beyond, FyOME was born in 2022 in the heart of Marylebone, it arose as the strong stem of a plant in 2023 and started blossoming in 2024. When men dream, they dream big. So, one day a savvy businessman placed a bet with himself. He knew all about setting up businesses in his own field but when the need came, he rose to the challenge and made a bet: FyOME would become the talk of the town. His motto is “step by step”. Slowly and steadily, FyOME became a warm and welcoming place for everyone who appreciates real food, great coffee and the most satisfying desserts – all cooked and baked on the same day!

With an awarded
contemporary interior

FyOME exudes the vibe of a 60s Greek glamour and the glamour of old Hollywood with Maria Callas, Antony Quinn in Zorba the Greek, Telly Savalas and Sophia Loren having a prominent position on the FyOME walls. One would ask why… It is all because of the same bet. FyOME means springing up from your roots. Although it was born in London, the owner and FyOME can never forget their roots. The stronger the roots, the stronger FyOME is becoming. And this is how the bet is won.

Experience our fine dining in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.