The story of FyOME London

FyOME holds up to 25 guests sitting at a long table, 14 guests sitting at the central table and up to 40 guests standing.

Once upon a time, there was this businessman who decided to pivot in his business ventures –
or, to be more precise, to expand his business activities. This is how FyOME London was born. I
am Pamela Caravas, and I have an interesting story to tell you.
I have been coaching startups and entrepreneurs for years, helping them with their ideas and
making sure that the ideas do not remain “just an idea”. In all honesty, this is the biggest problem
with entrepreneurs and business people. They come up with an idea, they become excited about
it, start planning and making dreams and reach success not in real life, but as an extension of
their dreams.
This time, with this project, things are a little different. FyOME means to be born, to sprout from
roots. The magic of this word “fyome” – which in a Cambridge research paper I discovered that
the word woman also stems from fyome (phyomai) – touches upon many meanings. Apart from
roots, it may also convey the meaning of having a history, or being resilient over time because
the roots are strong, or being born in an environment that was not expected. FyOME London, the
business, conveys all that.
The Greek owner decided to invest in a business that was not his field and not in the countries he
usually does business in. He invested in the idea of FyOME London, initially a café and nuts and
chocolate shop, in London. He was there in its inception but had the feeling the FyOME Ldn
needed something different to become successful. His instincts were right, so he pivoted. He
decided to turn FyOME Ldn into a breakfast, brunch and lunch experience. An experience that
would become unforgettable, one that the FyOME friends would want to relive more than once.

Experience our fine dining in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.